Why I Love Traveling


On my right forearm I have a tattoo of an abstract world map. My tattoo is symbolic for the lessons that I have learned during this very pivotal time in my life (those figure-out-your-life-and-what-you-want years in your 20s). My tattoo represents the biggest passion in my life: traveling. I have been very lucky to have¬†already traveled and seen so much in my life. Based off my travel experiences, the people I have met, and the cultures I have immersed myself in, I have taken on a whole different perspective to life. To know that there is SO much more out there than my little Southern California bubble is mind-blowing and very addicting at the same time. I want to see more. Actually, I want to see ALL of it. I designed the tattoo in an abstract way to have it represent my own perspective of life and the way that I see it. Travel as much as you can, when you can. It’s very therapeutic and sobering… to say the least.